How to book a Nyiragongo Volcano Permit, Nyiragongo Trek Permit.

Booking  a Nyiragongo Volcano Trekking permit is a must have before you start the Hike of the world’s largest lava lake, learn about the Nyiragongo Volcano permit , how to secure, plan for Nyiragongo hike, Congo hiking tour, cost of Nyiragongo Permit.

Travelers planning for Nyiragongo hiking tour are advised not to book their flights before confirmation of the availability of the nyiragongo permit as its a must have in order to trek the Nyiragongo, availability of the Nyiragongo permit is dependently determined by the shelter at the top of Nyiragongo volcano,  Find the most reliable Congo tour operators to book for you a Nyiragongo Volcano for the trekking tour in Congo.

The top most safari experiences in Congo is the mount Nyiragongo trek or hike to the world’s largest lava lake found in Eastern democratic republic of Congo’s virunga Park. Securing a Nyiragongo hiking permit is among the top most requirement that needs to be done before you book the flight to Congo, Find a complete guide about how to book the Nyiragongo hiking permit, Nyiragongo Volcano trekking pass, whats included on Nyiragongo hiking permit, Does the traveler need the mikeno package ? whats the best way to secure the nyiragongo hiking permit.

Steps to Book Nyiragongo Volcano- Trekking Permit

You can acquire nyiragongo hiking permit directly  through Virunga National Park or indirectly whereby with reliable tour operator offering congo tours , booking with a local safari company offers you an added advantage of you exploring Nyiragongo volcano at the lowest cost or budget cost as the trip will be tailored based on Local experience .

Travelers who are within Democratic Republic of Congo please go to Virunga National Park offices in Goma and Bunagana office to buy your Nyiragongo permit direct from park offices.

How much is Nyiragongo Permit ( Costs & Price)

Nyiragongo Hiking permit costs USD 300 per person including the Overnight accommodation at the summit and excluding the Mikeno package & porter fees . Explore the World’s largest lava lake in Congo on the most affordable prices offered by Congo safari companies that are leading in Congo tours for gorilla trekking  & Nyiragongo Trekking tour .

 Cost of Mikeno Package for Nyiragongo Trekking

Travelers visiting Nyiragongo volcano are recommended to  to add on the mikeno hiking package which comes with extra hiking equipment like warm long sleeved sweater,rain poncho, thermal sleeping bag,fleece liner for your sleeping bag, drinking water, and packed food), which is always at a cost of $100 with food inclusive.

Booking Congo Tourists Visa

Trekking Nyiragongo Volcano can start with the securing of the Congo tourists visa , Unlike other visas of other countries , DR Congo visa wont be stamped into the passport till you arrive at  the border of Rwanda & Congo or Congo & Uganda .

To obtain discounted Congo tourist visa is quite tiresome since a down payment of  either a nyiragongo hiking permit or gorilla trekking permit or booking an accommodation in Congo so as enjoy your full hiking adventure vacation. The Congo visa processing takes at least 7 working days and if your bookings are handled by the tour operators, then be assured that it will  be delivered to you at no extra cost except when the booking is done by yourself then an extra charge of $100 will be required for your application.

DRC tourist visa-Nyiragongo permitSecure transportation within Democratic Republic of Congo

Engaging in either Nyiragongo volcano hike  or gorilla trekking will automatically require transportation  so as to fully enjoy a complete hiking adventure vacation to the summit. However group transportation   is common allover Congo for those  engaging in gorilla trekking adventure and nyiragongo hike hence there are car hire companies from Uganda, Rwanda and Goma offering car hire services with experienced drivers to easen your safari  thus the roads are rough, and muddy during rainy seasons, but self-drive safaris are not recommended in Congo.

In conclusion, only those who are at least  12 years of age and above are required to hike and all visitors are advised to come handy with both rainy and cold weather gear, warm layers of clothes, hat and  gloves, to overcome hypothermia which happens as a result often freezing hence come when fully prepared for your incredible lifetime adventure .

, you get from Virunga National Park Headquarters in Goma or from Bunagana Office and the latter by booking through tour operators in Uganda (first inquire because some of them don’t offer Congo safaris) and Rwanda because there are very few tour operators within Democratic Republic of Congo.

The incredible freedom and serenity of the world’s largest larva lake is completely opposite to the  work you need to put in before you get to its peak that is why it is necessary to work with a trusted tour company to get  your Nyiragongo permit ready for your upcoming expedition.

Nyiragongo volcano-Nyiragong permitNyiragongo volcano being the most active volcanic mountain both in Africa and the world at large stands  at  the heart of the famous Virunga National Park between the border line of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.  Today, Nyiragongo has become a tourist trap attracting numerous tourists both from home and most parts of the world as well as crowds of experienced mountaineers. Ascending Nyiragongo volcano via  Virunga National Park is a lifetime dream for many mountaineers.

Each year mountaineers from all over the world gather up in Democratic Republic of Congo for their magical mount Nyiragongo challenge.

Foreigners and residents as well need to purchase the Nyiragongo hiking permit, but still many will wonder what these permits are? and what they contain? It is the most important document for every participating climber as well as a prerequisite to apply for Democratic Republic of Congo tourist visa. Above all, the permit only caters for the services of the hike excluding porters and extra meals plus water on your way up to the mountain.

How to get a Nyiragongo permit


it is always advisable to work with a trusted tour operator so as  to quickly arrange your vacation details within East Africa or you can do it yourself online by visiting the Virunga National Park website whereas for those within  Congo can easily travel to Virunga National park Office headquarters from  either Bunagana(Uganda-congo border) or Goma in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cost of a Nyiragongo  permit?

A Nyiragongo  permit proved to be the cheapest compared to all other permits and much less than Congo gorilla permits by $100.The actual cost of Nyiragongo hiking permit is at $300 inclusive of a night at the peak excluding meals and porter fee,

Nyiragongo volcano hiking permit-nyiragongo permit