Nyiragongo trip planner

Climbing mount Nyiragongo is not as tough as other people think. It is doable and manageable for even beginners, apart from uneven rocks for the past eruptions that may make this hike a little tiresome but the terrain isn’t steep.  Planning your Nyiragongo Volcano will involve the following.reaching the nyiragongo peak-Nyiragongo trip plannmer

  • Arranging to get your visa for Democratic Republic of Congo through Virunga National park. It is  possible that you can  either do it online or through a trusted tour operator only if you have already  acquired your Nyiragongo permit
  • Fly to Rwanda (Kigali International airport), and on your arrival, you will drive on a private car/public transport to Gisenyi at an affordable cost amounting to $100.It always takes 4 hours from Kigali to Gisenyi although the distance is short. This is as a result of slow driving due to the rough roads
  • With your visa, passport, yellow fever cards, get stamped out of Rwanda and into Democratic Republic of Congo, have your temperature checked and continue to your hotel or lodge for an overnight

Necessary permits for visiting Nyiragongo Volcano

To take an adventure to Nyiragongo volcano, you need to be aware that you will require a Nyiragongo hiking permit which  is at an affordable cost of $300 inclusive of all the accommodation to the top of the summit except for the porters and other needs like water and snacks, otherwise your Nyiragongo volcano hiking dream will not be accomplished. First of all you have to have a valid passport and  a valid Congolese  tourist visa which serves as a precondition  of any travel to Democratic Republic Of Congo.

Acclimatize yourself to high altitudes of Mount Nyiragongo

Altitude sickness is the major challenge when you are visiting Nyiragongo volcano. You will slightly suffer from altitude sickness on arrival at the summit but  can make it through due to proper acclamatise.

Packing and wearing gear for Nyiragongo volcano

It is very important to know how high and remote it is to be on Nyiragongo volcano. Therefore it is very important to keep warm and protect yourself from the harsh natural power of coldness. You are then subjected to carry and dress in warm layers. A Pair of gloves is also suggested not forgetting the rainy gears during the rainy season. In most cases the heat is also strong, you will have to come handy with sunglasses, hats, lip balm and sunscreen to protect you from the sun burn. You also have to wear waterproof, comfortable, and fitting hiking shoes as well as clothings.

Nyiragongo hiking permits

The incredible freedom and serenity of the world’s largest larva lake is completely opposite to the  work you need to put in before you get to its peak that is why it is necessary to work with a trusted tour company to get  your permit ready for your upcoming expedition.

Nyiragongo tourist visa-how to plan a nyiragongo hikeNyiragongo has now become a tourist trap attracting numerous tourists both from home and most parts of the world as well as crowds of experienced mountaineers every year. Ascending Nyiragongo volcano via Goma through Virunga National Park is a lifetime dream for many mountaineers.

Each year mountaineers from all over the world gather up in Democratic Republic of Congo for their magical mount Nyiragongo challenge and as foreigners and residents as well, need to purchase the Nyiragongo hiking permit, but still many will wonder what these permits are and what they contain? It is the most important document for every participating climber as well as a prerequisite to apply for Democratic Republic of Congo tourist visa. Above all, the permit only caters for the services of the hike excluding porters and extra meals plus water on your way up to the mountain.

How to get a Nyiragongo permit

As mentioned earlier, it is always advisable to work with a trusted tour operator so as quickly arrange your vacation details within East Africa or you can do it yourself online by visiting the Virunga National Park website whereas for those within  Congo can easily travel to virunga National park Office headquarters from  either Bunagana(Uganda-congo border) or Goma in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cost of Nyiragongo permits

Nyiragongo hiking permits are proved to be the cheapest compared to all other permits and much less than congo gorilla permits by $100.The actual cost of Nyiragongo hiking permit is at $300 inclusive of a night at the peak excluding meals and porter fee, thus it is always advisable to opt for mikeno hiking package(consists of warm long sleeved sweater,rain poncho, thermal sleeping bag,fleece liner for your sleeping bag, drinking water, and packed food), which is always at a cost of $100 with food inclusive.

Cost of the Congo tourist visa

To obtain discounted Congo tourist visa is quite tiresome since a down payment of  either a Nyiragongo hiking permit or gorilla trekking permit or booking an accommodation in Congo so as enjoy your full hiking adventure vacation. The Congo visa processing takes at least 7 working days and if your bookings are handled by the tour operators, then be assured that it will  be delivered to you at no extra cost except when the booking is done by yourself then an extra charge of $100 will be required for your application.

Secure transportation within Democratic Republic of Congo

transportation to Nyiragongo volcano-how to plan anyiragongo hikeEngaging in Nyiragongo volcano hike will automatically require transportation  so as to fully enjoy a complete hiking adventure vacation to the summit. However group transportation   is common allover Congo for those  engaging in gorilla trekking adventure and Nyiragongo hike hence there are car hire companies from Uganda, Rwanda and or Goma offering car hire services with experienced drivers to ease your safari  thus the roads are rough, and muddy during rainy seasons, but self-drive safaris are not recommended in Congo.

Note: Only those who are at least  12 years of age and above are required to hike and all visitors are advised to come handy with both rainy and cold weather gear, warm layers of clothes, hat and  gloves, to overcome hypothermia which happens as a result often freezing hence come when fully prepared for your incredible lifetime adventure .

Preparations for climbing Nyiragongo volcano

Yes you have decided to ascend Nyiragongo volcano, you better keep yourself in this outstanding physical shape which will enable your body get more oxygen while it may not repel off the high altitude sickness. Well planned fitness training will help you in advance, with cardiovascular condition, strength and mental condition. You will also need significant strength endurance and high altitude tolerance.

physical training- How to plan a nyiragongo hikeClimbing Nyiragongo volcano is physical undertaking which requires proper preparations accordingly, and with strong conditioned legs it makes easy to climb uphill and downhill for sustained periods of time and a fit body is more likely to withstand the stress of consecutive climbing hours and camping at the peak.

Some people don’t train that much but fare very well with the altitude and terrains, The best news is that with training, you get yourself fit with the best possible hiking shape. Therefore  as you prepare for your excursion, start training for mount Nyiragongo hike because quality training will make the hectic hike more easy and comfortable so as to reduce the chances of getting injured.