About Nyiragongo Volcano hiking and climbing tour guide and excursions.

Nyiragongo hiking and climbing excursions.

Wow! It is our pleasure that you are here now. Nyiragongo Volcano hiking and climbing tour guide  is an authentic private and run tour operator company with a zeal to offering exceptional and extraordinary combined  adventure tour packages between Nyiragongo and other tailor made excursions within East and Central Africa including Gorilla trekking, wildlife experience, chimp tracking among others ,as well as reaching out to other hiking destinations such as Mount Rwenzori National park, Mount Kahuzi, Mount Biega, mount Karisimbi, Mount Sabinyo, Mount Visoke, Mount, Kilimanjaro etc.

We also understand that for a tasteful adventure traveler  like you, we are always passionate  to plan your perfect African  vacation whether you choose a pre-arranged  customized trip for either you or friends and family.                  Because of our services, we have also  conducted hiking and climbing tours/trips with people from most parts of the world, who have without a doubt expressed satisfactory services with high level of professionalism.

As leaders in mindful travel, we provide  ultimate adventures with wide environmental foot prints while safety is  core to how we operate. We  also  pay close attention   to factors that suitably challenges you to reach the great sensation of your passionate dream and achievement while enjoying the real experience of the like minded mountaineers.

authentic benefits

Our quality packages at affordable rates  make our climbing and hiking tours worth the value for the money, including essential items like meals, sight seeing, park entrance fees all included in the package cost helps you to better budget for your big adventure and eliminates the risks of carrying large sums of money through out your whole vacation.

Expert Guides

Our line-up of guides is second-to-none; passionate individuals who will truly enhance your experience with unparalleled enthusiasm and local knowledge. We are also supported by some of the world’s most respected adventurers; an admirable group , mountaineers and others who are the elite in their respective fields. This expertise ensures that we are continually refining our programs, taking adventure to new heights. Our range of unique itineraries provides you the opportunity to travel with many of these explorers for the adventure of a lifetime.