Have you been to Democratic Republic Of Congo before, then you probably know  what this  incredible country  has to offer , that it always leaves you wanting for more.

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Nyiragongo Volcano or mount Nyiragongo is  one of the sights one can never opt to miss when it comes to visiting Democratic Republic of Congo. The Most Active Volcano is at an elevation of 3470m.  Nyiragongo Volcano is one of volcano that you can visit  several  times and still have the feeling that you only scratched the surface.  It is one of the favorite volcanoes in East Africa.

If you are hungry for a  holiday in  virunga National Park, you can see Mount Nyiragongo from just about everywhere.
The gigantic mountain is beautiful from a distance, but even more spellbinding when you climb the steep slopes.

Visiting Nyiragongo Volcano feels like you’re visiting another planet. This fire-breathing volcano caused is the  world’s most  eye catching  attraction that you will forever praise.

Visiting  Nyiragongo For a 3 day trip

From various countries including Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi cities in Sicily it is possible to arrange a full-day excursion to Mount Nyiragongo.
Most of these trips can be arranged from  Kampala(Uganda) or Kigali(Rwanda) not forgetting. This  beautiful Nyiragongo Volcano in Democratic Republic of Congo is just 4-5 hours drive from Kigali  to goma , after which you will be required to  walk for 10 minutes to the border crossing where your you will have your passports and visa checked from the border crossing.

Our  first Day, we left kigali for Congo, immediately after breakfast. We were transferred through Gisenyi on lake Kivu for a boat cruise . We then later had lunch at Gisenyi, after then we proceeded to goma. We had our dinner and overnight at Mikeno Lodge/Bukavu tented camp.

on day 2, we then transferred to Kibati, the starting point for the hike. We were then briefed, got some porters, and a few guides were also assigned. Our hike then started at 10:00am, with a group of 15 trekkers, alongside 8 porters,  a few rangers guides and a cheff. the trek took about 6 hours to reach the summit with lunch enroute. We then later had dinner and  spent the night in the small cabins (containing two single beds ), each of which contains a maximum of 2 persons.

We had breakfast at the summit on the 3rd day, and later  departed from the summit .Our descent started a t exactly 7:00am down the trail heading to Kibati Patrol Post, with magnificent views Lake Kivu and Virunga National Park. We arrived at the base before lunch, and later dropped at Goma, where we were transferred back to to Kigali, then to  Uganda.

The easiest and most accessible routes to Congo by road are, either through Goma or Bunagana in the southwestern Uganda.

Your passport and visa(which costs $100) will be stamped after, when you will be picked by the Virunga National park Jeep to your favorite hotel.

The primary entry points to Virunga National Park are through Goma, the main entry point, and Bunagana (southwest Uganda).From Bunagana it’s also possible to visit Mount Nyiragongo, but be warned: the trip to the volcano from Bunagana takes at least three and a half hours to reach Virunga National Park

You don’t pay that much for a 3 day trip either. On average, a tour costs $1200 per person.
However: do pay attention to the differences offered by the tour operators. At some two oparators you get lunch and guides included, with others you don’t get any of that…
Nyiragongo volcano and is therefore the perfect base for exploration.Curious about the price and possibilities?  Enquire from:  info@nyiragongovolcano.com