This two day hike will take to the most spectacular panoramic places on the Nyiragongo Volcano to enjoy the luscious beauty of the bubbling fiery lava that churns within the volcanoes lava lake at dawn and spend the whole morning immersed in one of the most fastinating and astonishing natural places close to the crater lake.

This two day-one night tour starts and end in  Goma town, first you will be driven  to kibati-the park head quarter where the trek  starts, as the hike takes about 4-6 hours depending on the strength of the group whereas the second day takes on the descent to the base.

Day 1 of the two days

You will be advised to cross the border earlier and spend anight at either Gisenyi or Goma for an early pick up to the base from which the base starts.From Kibati, the hiking period is between 10:00am-11:30am and the ascent will probably take about 4-6 hours to reach the summit of the Nyiragongo volcano  with an overnight well spent.

Day 2 of the two day nyiragongo excursion

The second day leads to the descent to the base, which may  last for 3- hours after which you will have an ample time to relax and transfer to your next destination. This once in a lifetime dream gets to be accomplished on this day as you will  wake up to watch the beautiful sunrise and gazing at the sister mountains of Visoke and Karisimbi.