Nature Walks in  Kahuzi Biega National Parks

Nature walks are more active ways to explore  landscapes, stunning forests, learning different cultural history among others , which attracts many eco tourists and researchers mainly to enjoy the interesting activities in these sites. The nature walks that Congo visitors can enjoy include;

Nature walks in Kahuzi Biega NationalWhether trekking gorillas or following the designed trails or hike up the two stunning Kahuzi and Biega mountains , it all leads to hiking or nature walks. Expeditions at Kahuzi Biega Involves adventurous trails  through which ultimate experience emerges; These are..

Walking Trails.

From Tshivanga, various routes with distinguished character offer great encounters of true nature adventures of certain creatures like birds, monkeys among others. This 30 minutes walk from near the center of Research of Natural sciences to Tshibati falls as well as reaching the pigmy village thus total accomplishment of brilliant nature walk.


Hiking or nature walks on mount Kahuzi

Mount Kahuzi Biega has the higest pinnacle in the park at height of 3308m. It takes only a 20 minutes drive from Tshivanga to Kahuzi Patrol post, the base at which this hiking starts. This trek takes about 4hoiurs to accomplish this full day hike to the top passing through the bamboo forest to the dry vegetation of heather, senecious and lobelia. The peak offers awesome views of both lake kivu and the town of Bukavu.

Nature walks/Hiking on Mount Biega

Drive through the miti-Tshivanga road located just 4 hours from Miti and join the Kadjedje Kalonge road to the base of your starting point. At  a heigt of 2790m lies the second highest peak of mount biega whose vegetation Is far much different from that of mount Kahuzi which consists of beautiful giant heather about 2m long. Hike takes amuximum of two hours.

Nature walk on the Mbayo trail

This trail is situated just near to the entrance of the park lading to the Mbayo tea plantation, from which another trail crosses the Hageania forest, passing the tree ferns arriving at the picnic and camping site at the river Musisi bank.

Picnic on Mount Bugulumiza .

Mount Bugulumiza also acts as the heart of Kahuzi biega national Park since it provides magnificient views of Lake kivu, Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega peaks whilst on abright day views of active and extincvt volcano in Goma can also be viewed.  This trail passes through the forest and to the final summit. The trek is not only ideal for a weak but also for terrain.