How Hard is climbing Mount Nyiragongo Volcano?

How hard is  climbing Mount Nyiragongo Volcano? Are you super  young or ridiculously old? The recommended age for any hiker ranges from 12 years and a bove, but if you are ridiculously old, then you unlikely be able to catch up with what Nyiragongo Volcano Throws back at you as you climb up to the summit and back to the base.

walk at your own pace-nyiragongo preparartion-How hard is climbing mount Nyiragongo volcanoThe question “how hard is climbing Mount Nyiragongo Volcano ?” Nature is beautiful but also different when it comes to your own desires. Having the right gear won’t be enough to get you up the Nyiragongo Volcano summit, all you need is, being prepared to face the challenge up the summit, the effects of the altitude, your physical limitations  and exposure to the weather.

For an average person, being able to successfully hike up the Nyiragongo Volcano summit is definitely attainable. You don’t have to definitely be over fit, neither any technical climbing skills. All you need  is determination and the will to get to the summit.  The real challenge with climbing up  Nyiragongo Volcano is the altitude and the rate of the ascent.

Nyiragongo Volcano is extremely a hospitable place, the temperatures at the top are usually between 100C and 300C, and it neither drops below 80C nor rise above 310C. Nyiragongo Volcano surprisingly is not what most hikers expect, due to its snow caped nature at the summit

When to Visit Nyiragongo Volcano

The perfect season for hiking Nyiragongo Volcano are the dry and warm seasons, that is , during the months  of  March-June and September-November. The temperatures, during these months is bearable and skies are always clear, except that the  skies are foggier. The rains are always experienced  within  the months of May-June. It is  also possible to trek out of season, but expect rain and leeches during the summer monsoon season and severe cold and closed passes during the winter months.

Mount Nyiragongo does not experience extremes  of the winter and summer weather, but rather wet and dry seasons. Therefore the best time to visit Nyiragongo Volcano tends to be the warmest and driest months. The major issue is safety, as the risks associated with climbing increase significantly when the weather is cold.

The effects of rain,mud, snow and cold can be so demanding on the body. However your opportunities of a successful summit also increases significantly during the dry seasons, with a nice and chilly weather.  The case is also true that Nyiragong Volcano hiking trails get more traffic during these periods

So if you are contemplating the climb, do yourself a favor and do it sooner rather than later. The red hot bubbling lava  something you do not want to miss.