How to get Nyiragongo Volcano, Best routes to Virunga Park?

Nyiragongo can easily be accessed from Rwanda and Uganda. It takes a 3 hours drive from Kigali international Airport, in Rwanda to the town of Gisenyi on lake Kivu, then 30 minutes to the city of Goma. Border crossing formalities will be done, and this may not take more than 10 minutes. Whereas  the distance from Goma to the base of Nyiragongo Volcano is a bout 9 miles, which requires a transportation by a sturdy 4×4 from a trusted rental company like car rental Congo or travel by public bus(always crowded). The Nyiragongo Volcano hiking activity, starts early, which therefore calls for early reach, at least before 9:00 am

Among the best places to visit in Congo is virunga national park Congo , kahuzi biega national park as they can be accessed by either Air or Road & Water Transport means on Lake Kivu connecting from Bukavu to Goma Town.

Accessibility of Nyiragongo Volcano in Virunga National Park.

Nyiragongo Volcano Climbing and Hiking Guide presents to you the most updated information about getting around Nyiragongo, how to explore mount nyiragongo & How to get to top of world’s largest lava lake in Congo’s oldest national park.

  1. Road Transport.
    The main Entry  to Nyiragongo is through Goma border, as well as the Bunagana in the south Western Uganda and the road network has been proved to be the best option compared to other networks.
    The best option of getting to Nyiragongo Volcano and adventure what truly Congo has to offer is the use of road transport where the traveler may be picked from the border of Congo and Rwanda or Congo & Uganda and take a nice drive on the first class road to connect to kibati border patrol station. where the hiking adventures to explore Nyiragongo starts.
  2. Air Transport means
  3. Water Transport Means

Road transport remains the best amongst other options of  Air and Water to leisurely explore this Volcano. If you are really short of time, two day in Nyiragongo Volcano can give you a glimpse of much that is here to be explored, but to truly experience and absorb this region we realy hope you stay for several days .

Situated in  Virunga National Park  Nyiragongo can easily be accessed  in various ways each of which has has a different cost implication. Nyiragongo Volcano is easily combined with a number of trips  including, trekking gorillas, chimp habituation, nature walks, among others  between the countries of Uganda and Rwanda.

One of the many wonders of Democratic Republic of Congo is certainly Nyiragongo Volcano. With about 3470m  above sea level, Nyiragongo volcano is without a doubt a “must see”   volcano, but it is important  to properly plan your visit considering the available time and what  you want to do. Since safety is one of the primary concern for every traveler, it is therefore advisable to stay updated about the ongoing situation of the country before you travel since it is not always easy.

By air

Flights to Goma international airport  and to Africa has now become more accessible in the recent years compared to other past years with the Ethiopian Airlines as the best option. Goma international airport is the main airport upon which every flight lands, although it was heavily affected by eruptions in 2002 and was later developed to enhance the tourism  industry in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most flights to Virunga are always scheduled for once every week especially Ethiopian air lines and all travelers are therefore urged to take their return flights from Rwanda since it won’t be possible  from Goma unless you opt to return after seven days.

Please note that all flights to Goma are conducted by the Ethiopian Airlines (most reliable flight) and all those returning from Goma international airport are subjected  to Value Added Tax and  airport charges rated at $$50 us dollars

By road

The best way to travel to Congo is by road. The main entry points to Congo are Goma and Bunagana as you drive from Kigali International airport and reaching Goma in  about 3 hours. Crossing the border will require a Congolese tourist visa which is always at a cost of $100  not forgetting your passport.

Basically at the border, you will have to switch to another vehicle as it only takes 10mintes to Goma where you will have your documents checked, passport stamped and later enter your vehicle from Virunga National Park. In case you use the Ugandan route, then Bunagana  border crossing will be the immediate option where you will be required to purchase a local visa.

It is also true that there are many car hire agencies to Congo(car rental Congo) and Rwanda, but it is not safe to visit Congo for a self drive safari adventure except with a driver.

According to security in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the security divisions together with the great virunga national Park management are always available to provide you with information about the safety of the route, on the hand, your life is also one precious thing you first guard, therefore you are advised to do more research about the country status be for you make travel plans.

Threats from the M23 rebel group like it was in the recent year has been resolved by frequent patrolling of the routes by the rangers hence making it safe for the tourists.

Climbing to the pinnacle of the Volcano-the largest active larva lake in the world.-How to get  to Nyiragongo

hiking Nyiragongo-How to get to NyiragongoIt takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from Goma to Kibati patrol(post situated at the base of Mountain nyiragongo), where hiking  starts.  The estimated time to start the hike ranges between 10:30 am t0 11:00am, after which 4-6 hours will be spent through this trek to the ascent with great encounters of Golden monkeys, chimpanzees , bushbucks , birds among others along the track to the peak. You will have to sleep over the mountain(in the tented camps) and descend back to the starting point on the following day where you will be picked by a driver and later transfer you back to either Goma or to Gisenyi