Overnight Accommodation on Mount Nyiragongo Volcano

Where to  sleep  on Nyiragongo Volcano?

Unless you are on your Nyiragongo Hike, accommodation on Nyiragongo Volcano will be in the cabins that have already been built at the Summit. Do not be tempted to sleep in your own tents, or other shelters, which is against park regulations.cabins for sleeping at Nyiragong-nyiragongo volcano travel guide

The Nyiragongo Volcano Summit accommodation is that of a basic type called cabins, that are far much different from  those at the base. The cabins are built of wood material designed to keep you warm and dry giving you a comfortable sleep after a long day trip, as well as preparations for the next day trip.

At the Summit, camping is forbidden and instead people have to sleep in cabins . The sleeping arrangements in these Cabins are usually 2 hikers per cabins with two separate beds flatly laid on the floor.

The shelter is strategically situated so that it offers a remarkable views of the rolling mist to the green scenery and stunning views of lake kivu, on the opposite side of the ridge from the crater of Nyiragongo. While at the summit, hikers are also able to view the colossal Shaheru and Older volcano surrounded by small cinder cones all reclaimed by Vegetation.

Porters and guides, however, do not sleep in the twelve cabins meant for the hikers, but rather have their special accommodation established in their own section in the space available.

The only other buildings you will possibly see along the trail are the toilets. Most are of the same design, namely a little wooden hut with a hole in the floor. Some are in better condition than others.

Whilst, accommodation around Virunga National Park ranges from budget, to mid-range to luxury, based on bed and breakfast. The hotels/Lodges at the base of Virunga National park include; Mikeno Lodge, Bukima tented campTchegera Island Camp, Kibumba tented camp among others.

The accommodation cost are  remarkably affordable  and only applies to travelers heading to the southern sector of Virunga national park.

It is recommended that all hikers are expected to make advance payments for at least the first night during the booking session, then later the other nights. Several hotels ask opt for credit cards, although they also accept cash on arrival.

On the other hand, hikers who will opt for Mikeno lodge are subjected to an awesome privilege of the Mikeno package– a complete hiking package consisting of sleeping materials to be used during the hike, including food.

For those hikers who will not have spent the first night at the Mikeno Lodge will have to provide their own food,  and sleeping bags, they still purchase the mikeno package at a cost of $100.

Remember that the hostel kind of accommodation is not common as it is in some other countries of Kenya and Tanzania, low budget and back packer travelers can be catered for in Democratic Republic of Congo. The Hostel costs are approximately equal to that of the hotels.