Hiking Nyiragongo Volcano can only be guided by a licensed tour mountain operator as well as taking a pre-determined route. Trek takes only up to maximum of 24 hikers per day  excluding porters, guides and chefs although they also included in the day trip.

The guides job is always to advice and  direct the hikers with full information about the the volcano while the Porters; work is to carry and transfer the luggeage of the travelers who need their equipments carried to the summit and back to the base, as the chefs will cater for food..

There are restrictions goverening Nyiragongo , however by national park authority, it is also advisable that only those at the age of 15 and above are authorized to climb below which are not allowed. Other restrictions include;

  • Always endeavor to listen to the guides and other experienced climbers who are familiar with the weather as you also follow their advice
  • Climb slowly in order to increase on your acclimatization time as you also maximize your time to reach the peak.
  • Do not litter the park as it is always advisable to keep your litter and discard it at the right place since litre disfigures the nature of the park
  • Avoid Dehydration by taking a lot of water so as to overcome altitude sickness not forgetting eating enough food.
  • When rescue is required, report immediately to your group guide who will later inform the head office about the current situation.
  • Avoid rapid ascent from the lower altitude for this allows much time to acclimatize with the altitude hence less chances of altitude sickness.
  • Follow the official route, that the whole group is following and do not branch or use other route unless you are authorized by the chief guide.

It is a condition of your visit to this Park that the Board of Trustees shall not be responsible for any bodily injury to any visitor arising from any cause, or any loss of property within the cabins,theft or otherwise by whomsoever caused or arising from negligent or wrongful act of any person.