Located in Rumangabo near the virunga National Park Headquarters, is Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Center,  a center  that was constructed  and named after the  dominant silver back from  Rubondo family in Virunga National Park  , to whom with other three members were kidnapped in 2007, Leaving behind other two orphans, ndekezi and  Ndeze. The two were later forced to move to Goma for shelter.

Senkwekwe Gorilla orphanage center is  a property that was founded to  protect the orphaned gorillas from Goma,   who  were as a result of poaching, and loss of the gorilla parents.

The one and only orphanage  in the world  is currently known to protect 4 gorilla families who were rescued from  being killed by the poachers  as well as being trafficked including, Maisha, Ndeze, Ndakasi and Matabishi. Maisha and Koboko joined the group in 2010 after being being rescued from  Rwanda, to the center  so as to connect with other members.

The gorillas lived peacefully together within their habitat, though Koboko died during the latest dispute due to the frequent noise from the gunshots, which led to the crumpling of its impervious system. The center is still standing due to the great financial and provision support offered by various organizations and personels whose role  is to ensure that these gorillas are protected from danger and all other threats.

The center  contains experienced  and hardworking team who care for these gorillas and are aiming at a single goal of seeing it grow into a bigger team. The Team comprises of House keepers, Chefs, Vet Doctor, and more skilled staff.

The center upto date is still successfully running,  and the gorillas as well are closely monitored though they can now be let out to play in the compound without the ranger’s supervision as they are not as vulnerable as they used to be when much younger.

Senkwekwe on the other hand also had eastern lowland gorillas from Bukavu, Kahuzi Biega and have een taken care of, well fed, their wounds are nursed. However these gorillas have been habituated and have now adjuste to being around humans including Ndeze, Ndakasi, Matabishi, Kaboko, and Yalala that were all victims of poaching.