Gorilla trekking Safaris

Gorilla trekking safaris is an exceptional and ultimate primate tour for most visitors coming to the heart of Africa. Spending an hour in the  presence of the  these intelligent primates is one last lifetime experience that cannot be forgotten easily. Democratic Republic of Congo is an outstanding home to  both mountain ,and lowland gorillas  all found in Virunga Naional park, Kahuzi Biega national Park and odzala respectively.

gorilla trekking safasaris with Eastern lowland goerillasGorilla trekking safaris in Congo has now become one of the top bucket list of every traveler’s bucket list adventure and presently  Virunga National park, which forms borders with Mgahinga  national park in Uganda and  Volcanoes National park in Rwanda (all the three countries are inter- joined directly by  Virunga Massif) is known as a home to about 240 habituated gorilla species.

The park is a UNESCO world Heritage center  established in the  Eastern Part of Democratic Republic of Congo covering  a total area of 7800km2.

No more doubts about Congo’s past insecurities because it is now proved that Congo is now a safe destination that is presently taking visitors to the Eastern part of Congo rich with some of the best spots to explore .

Gorilla trekking  safaris in Congo just like the other countries of  Uganda and Rwanda, is majorly a run gorilla conservation project based on gorilla  protection and safety. Currently Virunga National Park  inhabits 8 gorilla families exposed for tracking all year round

Eatern Lowland Gorillas-Gorilla trekking safaris

Despite Virunga’s Mountain Gorillas being the first priority In Congo, Eastern Lowland gorillas from Kahuzi Biega is also undeniably and incredible concealed gem. The park is another rewarding and incredible  place to visit with an off beaten once in a life time experience.

The famous Eastern lowland gorilla also known as the “gorilla grauer’s beringei” is the largest of all other species in the world that are critically endangered and are living in the lush lowland tropical rainforest of the country.  Unlike Mountain gorillas found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo; eastern lowland gorillas are a rare species that are only found   within the parks of Kahuzi Biega and Maiko National park located near Benni  in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Eastern Lowland gorillas are  a key tourist attraction in the Country with 5  habituated groups (out of 12 existing  groups ) all of which are exposed for tracking all year round, as other groups are still under habituation. On the other hand, other groups at Maiko national park although exposed for tracking, is still not an easy reach because the access to the park is still undetermined.

Gorilla trekking permits-Gorilla trekking safaris

Congo gorilla trekking permits  includes entry into the national parks, experienced ranger guides, and a whole hour in the presence of the gorillas as they cost $400 USD for both Eastern lowland and mountain Gorilla trekking. However, amongst the three  countries, Congo’s permits  are rated cheapest compared to Uganda’s $600 and Rwanda’s $1500 ( can buy three Congo gorilla permits),it is highly recommended that you contact one of our reservations staff for your bookings, or any other trusted tour operator.

Real experience about every gorilla trekking safari

gorilla trekking safaris-gorilla experienceGorilla trekking safaris in an amazing and thrilling adventure worthy to be taken by every tourist visiting Congo because they are smart, friendly  and intelligent primates to be a mongst. They are divided into different groups sub divided into relational groups and carry different portions of responsibilities such as the silverbacks who act as the care takers of the groups; fully developed females, juveniles and the young ones all inclusive in a single group.

Be sure that you will meet these charming primates; First you will be briefed about your whole day trek which may last for at least 30mins to 5 hours during which you will spend an hour in the presence of the gorillas. The guide will take you through a few biography of your day gorilla group that you are heading to encounter and how to conduct yourself while with the gorillas in the jungle.

The length of the period spent in the jungle highly depends on the position of the gorillas since they are always on their way to searching for food, the topography; and the weather as well. Therefore as trekkers you are urged to tag along the leadership of your guide as you ascend through the trails into the jungle. The trek may be a little hectic but it’s worth every endeavor on your encounter with the primates

Gorilla trekking regulations

Mountain Gorillas can be visited throughout the year regardless of the wet seasons of mid-March to June and October to November where the roads are hard to navigate.

  • Number of trekkers. Gorilla trekking in Democratic Republic of Congo, just like in Rwanda and Uganda allows a capacity of 8 treekers atmost for each goriila family which is dome to ensure minimum behavioural disturbances to the gorillas as well as risk control to exposure to human illness since they are susceptible to human sicknesses,
  • Age limit. Gorilla trekking is only recommended to persons above 15 years of age below which are not allowed to trek so as to avoid the risks of unveiling the primates to juvenile sicknesses like mumps, measles, chickenpox among others.
  • Visiting hours; Trekking gorillas have been restricted to a maximum of 12 hours, that is from 8:00am to 7:00pm.
  • The time limit with the gorillas is also restricted to an hour being in the presence of the gorillas.
  • All trekkers must keep adistance of 5 to 7 meters away from gorillas to avoid direct contact with the gorillas because they are sometimes wild but to also avoid human illnesses.
  • Trekkers are advised to keep in close contact with other members of the group and the guide to avoid attacks from the wild gorillas.
  • Voices must be kept as low as possible and avoid pointing at the gorillas while in the jungle
  • Always turn your face away from the gorillas while coughing and sneezing and remember to cover your mouth and nose to avoid bacterial transfer to the animal
  • All Trekkera re not allowed to smoke, drink or eat when you are close to the gorillas since this can inevitably incresase the risks of diseas transmission
  • Donot come into close contact with the gorillas while spending time with them.
  • Always wash hand before engaging in any gorilla activity
  • A void direct eye contact with the gorillas whenever they charge, stay calm until they move away
  • All trakkers are also urged to keep the environment clean by leaving no trash such as tissue, wipes, bottles among other.
  • Incase of long calls, you have to dig holes of about 10cm , afterwhich you will bury your faeces since human wastes easily transmit diseases.
  • Come handy with flash free cameras since flashy cameras are not recomended