Top Reasons you should Know before climbing Nyiragongo Volcano.

What is that reason you would like to know before you hike  Nyiragongo Volcano? What Can you really do to make your Nyiragongo Volcano Hike dream come true? Are you Ready for this hike? Never Mind, This what you have to Do.

Mount Nyiragongo Volcano is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular sites to witness while traveling through Democratic Republic of Congo. Constantly putting on an exhilarating show of life with its bubbling red lava, it is known for attracting adventure –seekers from all over the world . Avid hikers and climbers, volcano enthusiasts, among others from every side of life find this volcano to be a hub of life and activity. Check out for various reasons why you would wish to climb to the summit.

Naturally, every amateur adventurer has at least considered the prospect of reaching on top of  Nyiragongo peak. The trek is a bit exhausting, but the views are extra beautiful and the physical and mental challenge and achievement will be a point of pride forever. But the hike takes prior planning and here are 10 tips you need to know.

Nyiragongo is not a technical  climb but a hike/trek

Nyiragongo parking listMost people think of hiking Nyiragongo Volcano, as an activity that requires a brave soul climbing up a vertical mountain, and requires prior training before  hiking. This is not the case because nyiragongo Volcano  does not require any  of the above skills. It is a flexible volcano that can be climbed or hiked by both beginners and the experienced. It does not require full mountaineering equipment including harnesses, ice axes, because there is no danger of falling off from acliff or crevasse, thus there is no part within the mou tain that needs a s pacific talent in volcano climbing.

Nyiragongo Volcano is  an active volcano that is regarded as every hikers cake  because it is a challenge that is completely doable by everyone. If you asked around, you would probably find that you have a few friends, or friends of friends, who are not the most outdoorsy people yet have successfully reached the Nyiragongo Peak and watched the bubbling lava boiling throughout the night. Hundreds of hikers attempt the mountain every year and the demographics of those visitors show that people from all walks of life come here to see the most volcano in Africa. Young and old, experienced backpackers and complete newbies, all have a place on this mountain.

Difference in Weather

Just because Democratic Republic of Congo  undergoes two  seasons of dry and wet season, does not mean the change also varies at the peak. It’s not. Almost immediately, as soon as you  start gaining  elevation, the temperature as well drops. That means everyone needs to have clothing that is designed to keep them warm in cold weather.

During the day, it often is warm as long as the sun is visible, So during day hikes you will probably be pretty comfortable wearing a single base layer on top and trekking pants. Occasionally, a soft shell jacket for when the clouds come or a hard shell if there is a strong breeze. At night, it’s a different story. As the sun sets, the cold comes too. Almost certainly you will have a cold night where temperatures fall below freezing. This will  require the right clothing and right gear.

Expect to spend a night at the peak

Every hiker’s goal is to reach the Nyiragongo volcano peak, that is why it is always to prolong the hike so as to successfully accomplish your goal. It is always good to slowly  ascend, to make  easier  for the body to acclimatize. Therefore a gradual ascent, is  enough to initiate the acclimatization process but not too much as to overtake the body’s ability to adjust.

Don’t let  your hard-earned Cash go to waste, time, and effort only to become ill after a couple days on the mountain. Though summiting  Nyiragongo Volcano, may not be in the cards for everyone, the most practical thing you can do is decrease your speed to achieve for final goal. Chances are you will feel better, enjoy yourself more, and get to the top.

Prior Preparation

Although you join a tour group, or you  have decide to embark on your own adventure, you will need some essentials first. Even in the dry season, Mount Nyiragongo Volcano remains cold all year round. So be sure to bring a few warm layers either stuffed in a back pack or tied around your waist because, a sudden drop in temperature may occur that there will be a down pour.

Although the temperature may vary, the sun is almost always brightly present in the sky, so remember to bring along plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Shoes may be one of the most key requirements for undertaking a hike on Nyiragongo Volcano. Be sure to have appropriate, reliable footwear that can provide you balance  on the fluctuating terrain of the volcano  trails. Whether you’re trading through lose volcanoes, carefully walking upon spongy lava pebbles, or balancing alongside barren craters, you must have dependable boots to carry you on your way.

Be Aware of Acute Mountain Sickness

It is always beneficial, to always add the consent of Acute Mountain Sickness tour preparation list. With the elevation gains involved with the Nyiragongo Volcano Hike, some climbers are at higher risks of being affected with Acute Mountain Sickness. The signs include Dizziness, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and rapid heart rate are all early symptoms, so stop and rest if they arise. If your condition doesn’t improve, descend immediately.

FA common Misunderstanding with A cute Mountain Sickness, is that most hikers believe that” the more you are, the less likely it may affect you”, which is not the case hear.  Anyone can get it, infact fit climbers always suffer more severely because they are more likely to ascend quickly or try to power through symptoms which will only make matters worse.

Carry a Camera

No matter where you find your feet on the hiking trails of Mount. Nyiragongo, don’t forget to take a few moments to admire the natural view that you will be surrounded by. Capture the sprawling chaotic history of the lose lava rocks, as long as the camera isn’t too strenuous to carry or bring along with you, a compact camera is perfect for a day hiking the trails of Nyiragongo Volcano.

Booking through a trusted tour operator can save you

Tour operators are always flexible and most reliable when it comes to customizing your itinerary, , making hotel booking, booking your permits, help you apply for your Congo tourist visa. There are plenty of local tour operators around in Uganda, Rwanda and even Congo itself, where you can easily book your Nyiragongo Hike plus other combined activities.

Tip for the porters

It is always advisable to carry along extra money/dollars, so as to tip the porters wholesomely. Tipping them is non-profit aimed at improving their working conditions. Cooks and guides should get double, or more due to their hard work, and ability to ensure that the hikers have the right meal after a whole days hike. Porters as well know the tipping habits of folks from different countries, so all travelers should expect a warm greeting. On the flip side.

Do not expect spotting wildlife while on your Hiking Nyiragongo Volcano

Don’t expect your hike up Nyiragongo Volcano to double as  a Gorilla trekking safari. The elevation, cold temperatures and lack of plant life are enough to keep most of the wild life away except a few bird species.  But on rare cases you may spot a few on the first few minutes, but you won’t see the big gorillas that make Africa famous.

In order to make it a success,, pair your Nyiragongo Volcano Hike with African Safari, that is visiting the mountain gorillas first before your hike(consider the mikeno package), or eastern lowland gorillas at Kahuzi Biega National Park, as well as going for a boat cruise.