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Nyiragongo Volcano travel guide-attractions, trekking, transfer and weather

Climbing and hiking Nyiragongo volcano travel guide brings you closer to  a breathtakingly tremendous landscape that makes it one of the most hiked destination in the world to great reasons including;why you should take a Nyiragongo  hiking trip?,Top Nyiragongo volcanic attractions, Nyiragongo travel documents, what to pack?, where to sleep?,age and health status, and safety.

Why should you take a Nyiragongo volcano trip?

Yes, the answer is simple and easy. “Because it is the world’s largest lake”. No one can withstand the attraction from the world’s largest lake and no one can say No to the magnificient scenery of the volcan which only the hardcores and the brave adventures can see. It feels an honour to be there, and if you are an experienced hiker, then you can enjoy aserious hike to the summit.

Top Nyiragongo volcano attractions

Gorilla trek and hiking adventure-nyiragongNyiragongo volcano itself is an attraction. Although there are great encounters of chimpazees, birds, monkeys among others along the route to the summit, the biggest highlight to enjoy to enjoy the fabulous natural wonder of watching the sun set, red hot bubbling lava lake , the stars,sunrise etc just to explore the volcano to the fullest.

Nyiragongo has reputedly become the most active   volcano and has highly the active lava lake and has become  Congo’s biggest tourist attraction despites its fearsome  reputation and frequent eruptions.

Although Nyiragongo is the leading tourist attraction in Congo, those who choose to visit virunga  are also able to enjoy some packages from the famous country such as the nature walks, gorilla trekking, wildlife watching. is here to assist you to prepare for this nyiragongo trip with listing frequently asked questions including how should I prepare for nyiragongo hike?, how about the weather and climate?, how to get to nyiragongo?, how will I acclimate with the altitude of Nyiragongo volcano?, What should I pack? How do I purchase the nyiragongo hikinh permits?among others.

Travel documents

In planning a visit to Congo, many questions may rise in your mind, but at one point before you begin wondering you have to consider the first things in mind which includes; congo visa, passports and the permits. Obtaining  a congo visa may take quite a period of one week to fully own it, that is; you will have to  book through  webpage where you will be obliged to book a single entry visa valid for 14 days.

You will need a booking number for this as the visa is at a cost of $105.You will be liable to receive a scanned copy after seven days of which you will have to scan and later have it packed among your travel document kit. Apart from the Congo visa, passport and the permits, you will be required to present your yellow fever immunization card as well as Ebola  for registration

However, the Congo visa cannot easily be acquired unless you are a tourist traveler. You only qualify for a Congo tourist visa only if you have either a Nyiragongo permit or virunga gorilla tracking permit,hence you must arrive with your scanned copy of either of the permits at the border for verification.

Nyiragongo Permits

Nyiragongo hiking permit are affordable at just $300 dollars which also includes a night at the peak which is quite affordable to other activities although you may be required pay an additional charge of $24 for the porters who will help you to carry your luggage to your camp. Travelers are required to make early bookings  that will guarantee hiking on the actual date .These permits can also be reserved via a trusted tour operator like or either through virunga National park

What should I pack?

Nyiragongo hiking gear-nyiragongo volcano travel guideHiking Nyiragongo volcano is surely an outstanding lifetime experience. With the magical experience of standing infront of the gigantic crater gazing the pool of bubbling lava approximately 100ft beneath you.

Positioned at the heart of Virunga, Nyiragongo hike is a must do for every traveler who takes the zeal of visiting Democratic Republic of Congo, although  it is associated with sweating, panting, and a bit of altitude sickness. The hike to the summit is surely  a humble experience as well as the stunning views from the bubbling lava lake which is clearly seen at night as the sky glows red making it so beautiful.

It is always wise to carefully choose and not skimp on quality since top quality mountaineering clothing and equipment is an investment to see you through years of your hiking adventure. Feel free to use this list as a reference to every starting point of your climbing trip.

Your Nyiragongo expedition to Nyiragongo will only take two days but remember that the life at the base camp and above are both demanding. Everything must be rugged, well tested and reliable

Hiking Nyiragongo involves walking on volcanic rocks, you therefore require a good pair of hiking shoes for easy movements, a pair of hand gloves  to protect your hands from sharp stones and rocks, waterproof rain gear to prevent every traveler from getting wet, heavy jacket and sweaters to deal with the unexpected weather and the cold nights, walking sticks to help the balance of the traveler while on the even rocks, hiking gaiters and enough  drinking water not forgetting the energy giving snacks to keep the traveler strong during the hike. Others also include;

  • Warm clothes, at last two layers to keep the traveler warm at the reach to the top of the volcano
  • A hut and sunscreen to protect you from the sun heat
  • Head lamp  for light provision when in the camp since there are no lights at the top
  • The first aid kit for safety

Where to sleep,

cabins for sleeping at Nyiragong-nyiragongo volcano travel guideCamping and lodges/hotels are not the only way to accommodate on Nyiragongo volcano.You will find twelve cabins which provides quality accommodation to all travelers. Each cabin consists of two standard single beds with enough space for laying their sleeping bags making it a great place to stay. Most travelers who make bookings with their tour operators enjoy these offers as part of the hiking permit. The guides and porters always carry their own tents  where they usually spend their nights and later descend with them back to the base the next day.

Age and health status

Hikers to Nyiragongo summit should be of age atleast 12 years of age and above.This therefore means that those who are below 12 years are not allowed despite the physical appearance. All hikers are also  urged to take a lot of water so as to acclimatize and adapt to altitude changes,

Safety measures

All travelers are urged to watch over their properties especially during the night simply because the cabins are not so secure.This is because different hiking groups together with porters and guides have different interests and characters yet they converge at the summit. Similarly on the other hand,  all hikers should also keep distance from the bubbling hot lava and always attach themselves to their groups.