Day 1:Transfer to Kahuzi Biega national park.

We are glad you had a safe travel. After your breakfast,the driver/guide will pick you from Your hotel where you spent a night, and for the next 7-8 hours with enroute lunch  you will  driven through butare national museum to Cyangugu/Rusizi border station , this the nearest town to Bukavu. You will then continue to Kahuzi biega National Park, whose drive will lust for about 90 minutes and later retire for dinner and an overnight at Orchids Lodge.

Day 2:Mount Biega hike

Embark your journey to the park head quarter, after your awesome breakfast. The driver will drive you towards the park headquarters (also known as hiking starting point) for about an hour.By the help of the guides, you will be be led to the summit of Mount biega and then back to the base. The hike take about 6 hour , where 3 hours are spent for both hiking to the top  as well as the descent,and is suitable for for all hikers who have prepared to hike most mountain in their vacation. the driver will then take you back to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 3:Mount Kahuzi hike and transfer to Virunga national park.

So great! Have your morning breakfast and get into your jeep for an hour drive to Kahuzi Biega national park  headquarters, from where you will start  your hike.With enough energy giving snacks, and water, start off with your 7 hour trek where the 4 hours will be spent hiking to the summit as you encounter other special bird species  by lack other primates, while the next 3 will be for descending to the bottom. The driver will then pick you  and drop you for lunch at your lodge. dinner and an overnight.

Day 4:Transfer to Goma

Have a relaxed breakfast from hour hotel, check out and the driver will transfer you to Ihusi port where the boat will be waiting. transfer from Bukavu to Goma will take about 3-5 hour depending on the waves of the lake. Through the lake, you will be able to view many islands including Idjwi Island which is also known as the Africa’s forgotten island. Arrive at Bukima tented camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 5:Mountain Gorilla trek at mount Mikeno.

This is a hike of its own, although it a bout trekking gorillas. You will be driven  to the park headquarters, and since most activities in Congo start in the morning, the briefing will take about 30 minutes  before 8:00 am. You will set off for the Jungle, to search for the most prominent primates.                                                                                               The search mountain gorillas within thick forest will lust for about 2-6 hours  and on their encounter, You spend an hour  in the company of the these awe inspiring  gorillas, after then you will descend  back  to the ground and back to your hotel for lunch, dinner and an over night.

Day 6:Hiking Nyiragongo

wake up early, heave your breakfast, and leave for kibati patrol post with good hiking out fit, enough water and energy giving snacks. Your briefing will start immediately after the briefing, together with professional guides and porters, you will leave for the hike will start at around 10-11:am . the hike will take about 5- 7 hours depending on the strength of your group.You will then enjoy the breathtaking views of the lava and the active volcano, and then move to your respective cabins for  Dinner and  overnight.

NB.It is always advisable to pay an extra $$100 for Mikeno package  so as to be secure interms of the hiking gear and food.

Day 7:Descending from Nyiragong0  and  transfer to Volcanoes national park

Descend from mountain after your morning breakfast, as you enjoy the brilliant views of lake kivu,  the city of Goma town and Virunga national park. Later you will be transferred to Volcanoes national park via Gidenyi border which will take about 90 minutes to reach sabyinyo silver  back lodge. Dinner and overenight on Full board.

Day 8:Golden monkey tracking and afternoon  Iby’iwachu cultural Village.

Take  your breakfast early enough, before setting off for briefing at kinigi  park headquarters, where you will be advised about  the do’s and don’ts  while tracking golden monkeys as well as the park regulations. the search  just like gorillas may take about 2-7 hours, with a full hour  to be spent with Monkeys, but differs when it comes to the number of people allowed to trek per day, that is to say, only  anumber less than 8. Get back to the base after your search and transfer back to your hotel for a lunch retreat  and  relaxation before setting off for a cultural visit.

visit  iby’iwachu cultural village to experience the amazing culture of the Rwandese, and get a chance of  visiting the king’s hut where you will be crowned king of the day and  also exercise the king’s power. You can also immerse yourself into performing some of their daily cultural activities such as hunting , and joining their cultural dance.

Day 9:Hiking Mount Karisimbi

Since your ready for this challenge. Am sure you will be enjoying another fantastic  adventure  opportunity to reach the highest peak  of the 8 virunga ranges, situated at a height of 4507 meters above sea level.

Like trekking gorillas, you will be required to wake up early, have your breakfast and  reach the park headquarter where you will  assemble for briefing overview about the mountain before setting off. It is from this point that you will decide to either take an extra porter to carry your back pack.

You will set off for a 6 hours hike with guides, porters, security personnel,  among others who will be responsible for your welfare  and also carry all your luggage. since the hike is a little strenuous, your speed will be determined by the slowest hiker within the group. Retire at the top of the volcano with an overnight camping at the  first camping site

Day 10:Descending  from Mount karisimbi

After your breakfast, you then embark on your hike up to the summit. Although it is steep, it is so rewarding that you  will   enjoy the magnificent views of  both Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira,  amazing views of Mount Muhabura, the man made lake at the top of the volcano, Virunga conservation area, etc. Descend later to the baser where you will find your guide waiting to  take you back for your lunch retreat at hotel as well as dinner and an overnight.

Day 11:Transfer  to Queen Elizabeth national Park.

After your breakfast, Get into your safari vehicle and the driver will then drive you through  cyanika border to kisoro, then to queen elizabeth through isasha sector where you will encounter the tree climbibg lions, after which you will continue to Kasese  and spend anight at ruboni community camp. Dinner, bed and breakfast on full board.

Day 12: From Nyakalengija  to Nyabitabbe camp (2651m)

after your breakfast,  you will be driven to the park headquarters at Nyakalengija, where you will be briefed about your 6 nights, the different vegetation zones and all the acclimatization points before you reach the peak. You will also be allocated porters and guides to guide you through your journey until the last day and if you are not sure of carrying your back pack, then you will be required to hire another porter.

You will walk towards the park entrance where you will have to present your passport and all required documents plus the pack entrance fee, after then you will continue as you follow the trails along the Mubuku river, cross over the mahoma river and hike  steeply through to nyabitaba hut at 2651m above sea level.

Day 13: From  Nyabitabba to John Matte(3962)

After your morning break fast you will walk through the forest that drops down then pass through the kurt schuffer bridge which joins both mubuku and  Bujuku river,traversing through the bamboo forest. You will then continue through along and tiring stretch consisting of rocks that are fully covered with slippery moss, and later arrive at Nyamileju rock shelter as the first resting point. At this point, brilliant views of both mount stanley and Speke are clearly seen. The journey then continues through the giant heather,lobelia and groundsel reaching John Matte where you will have your dinner and an overnight.

Day 14: From John Matte to Bujuku Camp(3962)

For about 5-6 hours you will trek from the lower bigo bog to the upper bigo bog which leads you  to the mighty Bujuku, with clear views of mount baker to the south and mount stanley to the West, tthen finally reach the Bujuku hut. Situated at an elevation of 4075m between the shades of Mount stanley and Mount bake, Bujuku hut also provides access to both mount emin and  gessi. Dinner and overnight on full board.

Day 15:Bujuku to Elena Hut(4541m)

From Bujuku hut, climb steeply, passing through  the gully situjated west of lake Bujuku  sa it a scends towards the scott eliot pass, where by youy will find a strong metalic short ladder at the steepest region, where the right hand branch leads to Elena Hut, this is one steepy trail which when it rains,  or wet or icy, becomes slippery. ASfew steps forward, lies a sheltered rock from which  a short break  is taken before continuing right to Elena Hut for dinner and overnight.

Day 16:Elena Hut  to Kitandara(4023)

An early start is the best for this day since you will wake up early before 3 am to have breakfast, there after, you will be required to pack up enough drinking water as well as energy giving snacks since it will be along day trek to the summit and back to either elena hut( for those would opt for six nights at the top within the park.) or kitandara.

From elena you  will set off for Magherita Peak, which only be conquered  by the use of ice axe, mountain boots, crampons, ropes while the conditions for hypothemia /altitude sickness are common. Upon  reaching the summit , you will be required to spend afew moments, after when you be required to descend through the remaining part of the circuit which consists of the  scott eliot pass as you treverse through the alpine zone and descending through the upper lake kitandara to the  thick mud down to the lower part of lake  and Kitandara camp.

NB.You will have lunch enroute

Day 17: Kitandara to Guyeoman(3505m)

Have you breakfast, set off for a steep morning hike from lake Kitandara  towards the freshfield pass. From this point, on aclear day, you will have clear views of  Demopcratic republic of Congo, although Clear views of Magherita  and its glaciers still domintae this region.  Both Bujongolo amd kabamba rock shelters are optional stopovers  during the difficlt rainy and muddy seasons, but it is always advisable to continue pushing untill you finally reach Guyeoman hut for dinner and over night.

Day 18:Guyeoman to nyabitaba to the base and transfer to your hotel.

Hikers begin so early so as to reach the base . the trek takes about 8 -12 hours depending on the speed and strength of the group. Since the path from guyeoman to nyabitaba is quite demanding, it then advisable to move at your own speed because it is quite slippery and muddy and requires proper balancing. On your arrival at Nyabitaba, take arest to gain ,more energy for the next 3 hours to Nyakalengija.

After your rest, take off the path, sloping downwards and crossing over a bridge of Mubuku river descending to the  park head quarters to receive your certificates and transfer back to your lodge for dinner and an overnight

Day 18:Transfer to Entebbe

Have your breakfast and transfer to kampala which may take about 6 hours, reach anearby hotel for lunch and later transfer to entebbe airport to catch up with your scheduled flights.