How to prepare for a Nyiragongo hike?

Physical condition

Hiking Nyiragongo volcano is an evocative and thrilling experience despite the fact that it is a trek which is accessible to people at home and the world at large as well as the experienced mountain hikers as well. The hike should not be undervalued because it is a serious challenge that requires proper preparation with the right  training attitude and there you will possibly stand a chance of reaching the summit without so many health issues, enjoying one of the most rewarding and spectacular experiences in the world.

Understand the elevation gain so you can correctly prepare. As you draw your daily training schedule, then you should consider the elevation gains of your hike at the back of your mind so as to strengthen your muscles. The best way is to add an extra weight on your back during your training session

Having the right food. The eating routine should not change but you can add a few little things into your diet by developing a menu that works well with your daily demands as you train and trust me fueling your Nyiragongo  volcano adventure with quality food will bring the best results.

Get the right medication. Yes  every one has the right to good health that is

why you have to do several medical check ups and it is always good to pack up some medications for emergencies that may occur such as running stomach or malaria or headache since they are acommon  type of illness that most travelers experience during their excursions or vacations

Hydration  on your Nyiragongo hike is very important that you need to be drinking water water and hydrating prior to the climb and then about 3 to 4 liters while on the mountain just to make sure you are well hydrated so as to overcome the too much heat and the sun burn.

Get the right information about the country’s safety from the the professional before you make your travel plans. Having access to people who have climbed Nyiragongo during different times of the year and seasons is really important since you will get the right information about the safety of the routes. You will also have the right access to first hand  information about the hike that will make a very big difference in your life.

Make sure  you pack right; that is the right clothing, right sleeping bag, hiking boots,  enough water, warm layers of sweaters, rain gear, gloves to keep your hands from getting hurt, a hat to protect you from the excess sun heat, backpack, enough energy giving snacks to help you keep your stable strength, and other smaller key  items because it is always be as comfortable as possible.

walk at your own pace-nyiragongo preparartionGetting the right walking pace is the best way to successfully reach the summit and get back down with some spare extra energy left. You have your own freedom to choose your walking pace that you feel is right for you but this does not mean you should not come unprepared. You need to come fully prepared  and trained for this climb because leg strength is always important for every hike and you need to minimize any damage so the pace you move at and the heart rate you maintain on the mountain is so important.


Above all, Nyiragongo hike is not  that tough as people think because even beginners can manage, all you have to do is to get the right clothing’s and be physically fit and with good health.