Things to know before you climb Nyiragongo Volcano

Climbing Nyiragongo volcano is an outstanding and pleasant adventure that has drawn many travelers either experienced mountaineers or beginners all alike, from different paths of the world just to reach the world’s largest lava lake. This once in a lifetime  opportunity on one hand requires  properly being prepared to climb which is a key for a successful peak attempt.

Be determined

This two day nyiragongo hike requires appositive mind  because getting to the top has a lot to do with determination. Just like any other summit, There will always be appoint during the summit attempt where yoy might feel like giving up because you will be feeling awful, sick and exhausted.It is only at this point that you have to gain courage, believe in your self that you are going to make it to the top, (be determined

On the other hand, you also have to mind about your health and body in that you don’t have to let determination overtake your health. Of course minding about your health begins with you although the potters and the guides will keep around you to monitor your acclimatization symptoms. Therefore pay a close attention to your body and your group member’s decision about your descent incase its necessary.

Fitness to hike

things to know before climbingYou don’t have to be extra fit for a Nyiragongo  mountain hike. This not true because many people exert themselves so much during the early stages of their hike after which they get tired before reaching the summit. Over working oneself does not give the body enough time to acclimatize with the altitude during the ascent thus it may lead to acute  altitude sickness. Having a better health with full fitness is the most important way to keep the body active. Oh! you don’t need to be a marathon runner to do enough physicals. Inorder to prepare for the Nyiragongo hike. Therefore you only need to do a little exercise.


Every climber experiences altitude sickness differently, but given enough time, your body will slowly adapt. Preparation for altitude require a lot of knowledge about the signs and symptoms of acute mountain sickness so as to get the right remedies to boost the sickness since there is no better relationship between altitude sickness and age or fitness factors. Altitude sickness can be overcome sing the following key guides to remember;

  • Drink a lot of water/fluids. Climbers are advised to avoid dehydration since it is the main cause of acute mountain sickness hence lots of water, atleast 3 litres of water per day should be taken. The more fluids in the body, the less chances of altitude sickness,otherwise you can also add supplements to your drinking water as well as purification tablets clear off the impurities thus making it safe for drinking.
  • Go slow at all times. You don’t have to be over confident and anxious about the climb by rushing, no it is not as easy as you may think, but instead take your time move at a lower pace so as to acclimatize with the altitude.
  • Climb high and sleep low-climbing high and sleeping low allows your body to experience a little bit of altitude

Climbing Skills.

Nyiragongo  volcano hike does not need a lot of climbing skills,because its just a  hike to reach the summit in a day although there is just a simple bouldering at some areas and just a few slippery stones during the hike.

Nyiragongo kit requirements

Pack light for easy climbing to the summit. All you require to put in mind is all the warm layers to keep you comfortable all through the night. You will also require  good hiking shoes with enough room for your feet,as well as good fitting gloves for protecting your fingers from getting hurt by the stones, not forgetting the walking sticks to keep in an upright body balance especially during the descent.

Nyiragongo Food

nyiragongo foodOf course at the end of the day, you will still  require enough energy so as to easily descend to the base on the next day . This is because food is always the best way to success, whereby you need to pack energy giving snacks-energy bars are a great idea and food to give you enough energy. Access to Nyiragongo dinner is only possible after the payment of the mikeno package rated at a fee of $100.

One of the main cause of acute mountain sickness is loss of appetite and nausea and this calls for enough food in the body so as to reserve enough energy for the summit.


Since dehydration is the key cause of Acute mountain sickness, it is therefore higly recommended that you take atleast 3 liters of water to keep hydrated. You can also add some supplements on the water to make them palatable.

Nyiragongo weather.

Virunga National park experiences two rainy seasons of Mid-March through to June and from October to November and dry seasons with the first one starting from December to Early March, then the other from July to September. These two seasons as they are also referred to as low and peak seasons are highly considered by most travelers because most travelers prefer the peak season due to the less rains received within the area whereas others would prefer the rainy/low season due to reduced number of hikers as well as discounted permits and accommodation facilities