Why Should I Obtain a Nyiragongo Hiking Permit?

Obtaining A Nyiragongo Hiking Permit. Nyiragongo Hiking Permit is a prerequisite for  Nyiragongo Volcano Hike.
A Nyiragongo Volcano Permit is a legal document that permits every hiker to Hike Mount Nyiragongo Volcano. The Price for  Nyiragongo Hiking Permit is completely at the  discretion of Virunga National Park. However as per Congo’s tariff plan, a Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Permit costs $300 USD Per Person per day less  than Gorilla trekking Permit by $100 USD.

 How To Obtain For A nyiragongo Hiking Permit

Nyiragongo Hiking Permit-Obtain a nyiragongo Hiking PermitThe processes and procedures to obtain a Nyiragongo Hiking Permit is not as difficult as you may think because the booking is direct that you  can either do it by yourself online or via a trusted tour operator.

For nearby citizens, bookings can by directly visiting Virunga Foundations, or by visiting the offices situated in Goma situated in Goma town. This option favours most clients from the United Nation Workers who are interested in Mount Nyiragongo Volcano.  However, for those who will book through  tour operators  will book at an affordable cost.

Preparing for the Perfect Nyiragongo Volcano Hike

After  your Nyiragongo  volcano hiking permit confirmation  with the tour operator.  The  Nyiragongo Hiking permit contains  the hikers’s Name, Exact Date of hiking to secure space in each cabin since there are only 12 cabins for accommodation at the peak. It is always advisable to prepare before your day of the hike. Get the right dressing kit for that hiking day and endeavor to do the following.

Have updated travel documents including valid passports, valid Congo Visa and the Nyiragongo hiking Permit.

Packing Enough Hiking Gear including hiking Boots,, Hand Gloves, Packing waterproof clothes, Rain gear, sweaters, pack walking sticks, Hiking gaiters, bicycle arm warmers,  drinking water and energy giving snacks.

Transportation to the Park

It is always advisable to hire a car from either Uganda, Rwanda or Goma tour companies. These Companies usually provide experienced and highly educated driver guides to make your transportation successful. The use of 4WD are highly considered due to the poor state of the roads.

Congo Tourist Visa

All travelers who are planning to set foot to Democratic Republic of Congo are required to carry along valid Tourist Visa inside their passport regardless of their reason to visit.   Obtaining a Congolese Tourist Visa including: a valid and original signed passport that must be valid for six months beyond your stay, and at least two blank passport pages which will be used for the visa stamp, with one being  used for the visa whereas the other is necessary just in case a trip is extended.  Take note that the amendment pages at the back of the passport are not suitable for a Congolese visa.

The tourist Visa is valid for a scheduled time of 3 onths and allows for multiple entries of non U.S Citizens, i.e the U.S citizen travelling to Republic of Congo for tourist purposes, obtain multiple visa for 6 months.