Odzala Kokoua National Park -A wild Life Centere. Where to see incredible wildlife in Congo

Wildlife At Odzala National Park is Beyond the spectacular scenery , Odzala National Park also classified among Africa’s Oldest National Parks. Known for receiving the remarkable Biosphere reserve status in 1977, Odzala National Park was established in 1935 spanning a total land area of 13500km2 , hence the park lies in the heart of the Congo basin, which is declared as the second largest forest in the world.

Western lowland gorillas-wildlife at odala National ParkWith a remarkable biological diversity and endemism found within the park, the Basin Today provides clean water food and shelter for more than 75 million people despite human occupancy for over 50000 years. Odzala National Park has experienced ups and downs, though covered with  breathtaking landscapes.

Odzala National Park is now managed by the Odzala foundation, a renowned partnership between African Parks and the Congolese Government. African Parks later took over the management of Odzala Kokoua National Park in November, 2010 under the terms of partnership agreement of the Government of the Republic of Congo.

wildlife viewing opportunities, With Western Lowland Gorillas and other  primates including black cheeked mangabey,  moustached monkey and putty-nosed monkey  and plenty of other sought-after megafauna, when you know where and when to look for wildlife, you’ll almost never be disappointed.

The western lowland gorilla, are amongst the highest densily recorded globally. The environment around Ngaga Camp contains groups of the gorillas ranging between 10 to 25 in size, usually with one silverback, the movements of which will depend on their proximity to leaves, shoots, plants and fruits.

The park offers some good purpose-built camps, which are well set up for gorilla tracking.

The Mboko area, contains the forest elephant bulls that is they are found in the savannah and forest fringe as well as along the Lekoli River. Above all, other wildlife including the charismatic Forest buffalo, Sitatunga, Bongo and the black fronted duiker are also spotted within the Park.

Although Odzala National Park, is praised for its wild game, there are so many factors that lead to its challenges including expansive landscape, remoteness and dense habitat. Nevertheless has bush meat poaching activity stopped at the park, for it has continued to exist as a significant threat. It’s this major concern of Odzala’s Western Lowland gorillas, out of 20 percent of the remaining global population is found in the park. The safety of Congo’s remaining elephants, gorillas and the long-term future of this historic park depends on the future intervention of the Africa Parks.

The laid  down projects have laid down impressive results for long tern sustainability of the of park by working with a local communities as well as the implementation of innovative solutions to overcome poaching including healthcare units for surrounding communities and gorilla habituation programs in order to increase tourism.